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Fight Back Against your Credit Card Company

If your credit card won't protect you, then make them pay.

News Flash:  April 2010 - American tourist beats credit card company.  Finally one of the many people who has emailed us for help has taken a stand against the credit card companies who make a profit from you getting screwed by these Mexican Timeshare resorts.  Mr. L filed a small claims lawsuit against BankAmericard based on the fact that he cancelled his contract within the 5 days allowed by Mexican law, and the resort's continued effort to charge his account amounted to fraud.  Since BAC did nothing to stop the fraud, Mr. L's argument was that BAC was in breach of their credit card contract.  Mr. L got a judgment of $4750 against BAC.  If you legally cancelled your contract and the resort continues to bill your credit card, that is FRAUD and if your credit card company does not act, they can be liable as a court found BAC was.  By US law you are only responsible for the first $50 of a fraudulent charge if you notify your credit card company of the fraud in a timely manner.  You need to start standing up for yourself and fight both the timeshare resorts and your credit card company if necessary.  Once we start making the credit card companies pay the bill, they are going to rethink their position of supporting these crocked timeshare resort.

Of course Mr. L won his case by default since BAC never showed up in court.  On a typical credit card charge, your credit card company will get no more than 5%.  If the charge is for $5,000, that means your credit card company gets $250.  Logically you need to consider, is your credit card company going to hundreds if not a thousand dollars to send someone to represent them in a small claims court case?  The answer will probably be no.  Your credit card company will simply allow a default judgment against themselves and then reverse the charges back onto the timeshare resort.   You credit card company is a business.  They are not going to spend thousands of dollars in personnel time to get $250 in fees.  Even if they do show up, if you have cancelled in accordance with Mexican Law, the charges are in violation of the law, the charges are illegal, and the charges are fraudulent.  You should still win and get your money back.

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