Faked Cancellation
Attack on Mescam
Victims Win
BAC Looses Lawsuit
Mescam - Good Medicine
MESCAM Success

News Articles

New Timeshare Scam at Sunset Group Resorts - Faked contract cancellations add insult to injury for timeshare victims.

Mayan Palace attempts to shutdown MESCAM  MP hires American Attorney to force closure of the MESCAM website.

Mayan Palace victims fight back and receive substantial refund.

Fight Back Against your Credit Card Company - Bank of America Looses Timeshare Lawsuit

MESCAM as Preventive Medicine - MESCAM website prevents American tourist from being victimized.

Another MESCAM Success Story  -  Fight back and be firm.

NOM-0290SCFI-2011  -  New Standards for Timeshare Practices.

RICO - A new approach to fighting Mexican Timeshare Fraud in a US court.

Web Changes

September 2012 -  MESCAM launches new website format

  • October 2003 -  MESCAM establishes website presence to fight Mexican Timeshare Fraud.

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