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April 12, 2012.  MESCAM Success Story. 

I just wanted to write to say that I cannot thank you enough. My sister and I went to Cabo in February 2013, and I was naive to the whole timeshare scam situation down there. I was scammed to the tune of $5000 by Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach into buying their Passport package, when I thought I was getting a great deal on a timeshare. I signed a document that said that I had no ability to cancel or to receive a refund.

When I realized what I had actually purchased, I was distraught. I was also convinced that I could not get my money back because I had signed that document. I had pretty much given up any hope of canceling the contract, when someone I was talking to mentioned the 5 day rule, and I began to do some research on it. That's when I found mescam. I drafted the letter you suggested, took it to the resort the next day, and was extremely firm with the sales manager there. I was treated terribly. But as soon as he read the letter, he knew I meant business.

I have all of my $5000 back, and I know it was because of that very forceful letter that I borrowed from your website.

Thank you so, so much. Lesson learned.

Gratefully yours,

Michelle Kunkel

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