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Oct. 2012.  MESCAM prevents Timeshare Fraud.  For the first time we have received notice from a viewer that they have visited our website before vacationing in Mexico and they will be forewarned and prepared NOT to become a victim of Mexican Timeshare Fraud.   After nine years, and 33,000 visitors, we are thrilled that finally someone has visited our website before becoming a victim of Mexican Timeshare Fraud.   Based upon our website statistics, we get 10 visitors per day of people looking for information and assistance AFTER becoming a victim of Mexican Timeshare Fraud.  Today we received an email from a visitor, Bruce, who thanked us for our informative website; although he did not need help since he had not yet visited Mexico on his vacation.  He was grateful for all the helpful information and he has promised to be careful when he visits Mexico later this year.  We all know how well these timeshare salesmen can lie, so we hope that Bruce remains watchful and does not get taken in. 

It was nice for once to deal with someone before they became a victim.  It is a lot more fulfilling to help someone before they become a victim.  Of course it is great when we help someone beat the timeshare companies and they get their money back, but it would be so much better is we could help everyone before they become victims and have to deal with the anguish and hassle of fighting to get their money back.  The only sad part is that the first person to use our website as preventive medicine was Bruce from the UK.  Nothing against the UK, but I would have hoped that my fellow Americans, who pride themselves as being smart shoppers, would be the ones who would do some research before vacationing in Mexico so they would not fall victim to Mexican Timeshare Fraud.   Well, my hat is off to Bruce from the UK, for being a smart vacationer and doing some research beforehand.  Whether you have avoided the Mexican Timeshares, or you have been a victim of Mexican Timeshare Fraud, please tell your friends and family about our website so we will receive more emails from people who ARE NOT going to be victims, who will go to Mexico and enjoy their vacations, and most importantly, who will not return as victims of Mexican Timeshare Fraud.

I really wish I was more artistic, then I could preference this news flash with a cartoon showing Americans characterized as being lead into a slaughterhouse by Mexican Timeshare Salesmen and coming out the back, gutted and stuffed.  No offensive to my fellow Americans, but a good satirical cartoon would go a long ways into get the point across about how the Mexicans just view Americans as rich pigs to scam, defraud, and lie to in order to steal their money.

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