Vacation Package Complaints

1.  Company refused to acknowledge the consumer's right to cancel within 5 days for no specific reason.

2.  Consumer was not able to book the free cruise used as incentive for purchasing their vacation package within what they felt was a reasonable period (a 6 month window).

3.  Consumer was promised access to 5 star resorts but found mostly lower quality resorts on the vacation package's website.

4.  Consumer found available vacation weeks at 5 star resorts required the purchase of an "all inclusive" plan (meal plan) costing over $80 per person per day.

5.  Consumer was told that they did not have the right to a "5 day cooling off period" and that their money was "non-refundable".

6.  After getting home consumer receives vacation package material which includes Terms and Conditions not previously disclosed.

Timeshare Complaints

1.  Consumer felt deceived by salespeople who had consumer sign a waiver of their "5 day cooling off period" rights which the consumer can not legally waive.

2.  Some timeshare companies are telling the consumer that they must give up their 5 day rights because the specific timeshare is a resale or some other reason.  Then later during the final paper signoff, the timeshare company has the consumer initial a "check-off" form which specifically states that the consumer acknowledges his right to a 5 day cooling off period.  Consumers are reporting that even though they are initialing that they know they have a 5 day cooling off period, when they are initializing this section the salesperson is telling them that "you are acknowledging your 5 day cooling off period rights, but you have to give up those rights to get this special pricing".  The whole point for this charade is to set the consumer up so that the paperwork looks like the consumer was fully aware that they had a 5 day cooling off period.  Of course the consumer is never given a copy of the waiver they signed giving up their 5 day rights.

3.  Consumer was told they could easily rent their weeks out to pay off the timeshare purchase and even make a substantial profit.  One woman was told she could rent her timeshare weeks for enough money to pay for her college education.

4.  Consumer purchased a new timeshare after the salesperson stated that they could sell their present timeshare for a substantial amount.  Consumer now claims that the appraisal of their timeshare's value was grossly inflated by the salespeople.

Following are several sample complaints that have been filed with PROFECO

Sample Complaint 1 filed with PROFECO

Sample Complaint 2 filed with PROFECO

Generic PROFECO Complaint Form


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