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To begin your fight you need to consider setting up a competing website against your timeshare company.  This will involve four steps and can cost less than $50.  This is not something that you can just play around with.  To be successful you need to go at these people fast and hard.  The timeshare needs to see your effort as a serious attack against their future business in order for them to consider giving you a refund.  A half-hearted effort would be just a slight annoyance and not worth their time.

Step One is to get a URL (domain name) that is competitive with your timeshare company.  You need to look up your TS company's website and then find an available domain name that is similar to their website name.  From past experience, I would recommend you check out  

Domain name registration at for $9.29  

  as a source for a possible domain name.  For less than $10 per year, you can purchase a domain name such as if your were fighting against the Mayan Palace timeshare company who has a website at . (You need to get a domain name similar to the TS company's website for best results --  BE SIMPLE and BE CREATIVE).  Of course, as more people use this method, the available names get used up so you will have to become more creative with your domain name search.  Namecheap has some very good tools to help you search for a workable domain name.  Another important feature of Namecheap that you can use is their "WhoisGuard" (TM) feature.  When you purchase a domain name, your registration information is available to anyone who does a Whois search.  If you are fighting a TS company, they are going to look at what is the cheapest way to fight back against you.  If you are fighting to get out of a $40k contract, their initial cheapest response may be to sic a scumbag attorney on you.  Even if everything you say on your website is "God's Truth", a scumbag attorney can try to fight you in a US court and cost you money you can not afford.  By using NameCheap's WhoisGuard (TM) feature, when people do a Whois search on your domain name, they do not get your personal information.  This feature was free for the first year and if you are going to be successful, it should happen within that time.

Step Two is to now host your domain name on the internet.  For this you will need a IPP (Internet Presence Provider) to give you webspace to store your website, to allow people to visit your website, and give you unique email names to eventually contact your TS company.  There are thousands of IPP's in business and you will need to search for the right plan to suit you.  Since you will not need shopping carts or other electronic commerce items, find something that is cheap.  One company you can check out is .  Their "BUDGET" plan is less than $50 per year and is more than enough for your purposes.  This whole effort needs to be a very aggressive effort, so you should either succeed or fail within a year's time.  Once you have your domain name and your IPP, you are now ready to set up your website.

Step Three is to actually set up your website.  There is free web authoring software available on the internet (do a google or yahoo search), or there are a wide variety of software package you can buy.  Some IPP's like include a website builder.  There website tool RVSiteBuilder is good and easy to use.  For Microsoft users, you do have some limited web-authoring capability within MS Word, but I would recommend you get Microsoft's Frontpage software.  As a MS user, I find Frontpage fairly intuitive, but for the first time user, the included software such as RVSiteBuilder will probably be quicker and easier.  There are other software package from free to several hundred dollars.  You will need to find one that is right for you.

Since your goal is to compete with your TS company's website and warn their future customer's away, your website needs to be on par with your TS company's website.  The more professional your site looks, the more you can influence people to stay away from your TS company and not buy future timeshares; the more ready and quicker your TS company will be refund you your money.  If your website is rinki-dink, your TS company will not take you as a serious threat.

Once your website is up and running, you need to get it listed on the various search engines.  You can do like me and let nature take its course, or there are various methods or services you can use to get your website quickly into the top search returns on sites such as yahoo and google.  I took the natural approach so I do not have any real help for you in this area.  I would suggest that you include a counter on your homepage so when your TS company visits your website they can see how many visitors you are getting and gage how much you are hurting their company.


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