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User Provided Timeshare Material

The following material was sent to me by people who have visited my website.  I provide it here for your amusement or amazement; whichever applies.  I have tried to verify its authenticity with no success.  You will need to use your own resources and experiences to judge the documents.

Download copy of Closure Instructions.    This file contains closing instructions sent to me by a visitor to my website who claims it is an official Mayan Palace document.  The person claims to have gone through the Mayan Palace sales program, but dropped out when they did not like the sales practices.  I have no first hand knowledge of the origin of this document, and Mayan Palace will not acknowledge that it is a copy of the material given to their prospective salespeople.  This could be a fake document or it could be real; you will need to use your own resources to verify its authenticity.  Following are some of the highlights pointed out to me.

Page 2-3:  Here are specific instructions to the salespeople to tell you that you can cancel within 5 days, but you lose your deposit. 

Page 9:  I guess the bottom paragraph summarizes it all:  "We need to work together not only to get them past the five days, but also get them through the cash out."  If you legally waived your rights to cancel within five days (see page 2-3), why does anyone still care about a 5 day limit? 

Timeshare Sales Narration

Download a copy of a Sample Sales Approach.  This document was obtained from the same source as the previous document.  Again I have no first hand knowledge of the authenticity of the document so you will need to use your own resources to verify it.  The document contains a sample sales scenario instructing a salesperson on how to present the timeshare information on rental income, timeshare costs, and timeshare resale value.  You will notice on page 5 a reference to the current year being 2004.  Other interesting items include:

Page 2 and 4: The narration says to tell purchasers that the price is increasing soon (page 2) and also at the end of the month (page 4). 

Page 4: It specifically states to tell purchasers the price of a timeshare increases 15% per year.  Is this really true?  It also talks about selling your timeshare in 5 years for the current purchase price.  I am not sure that current timeshares offered for sale on the internet would actually support a statement like this. 

Page 2, 4, and 5:  On all these pages the narration pushes a annual rental value of $1400 x 4 or $5,600 per year.  While you are probably told elsewhere that you will have to pay the $500-$600 maintenance fee per week (reducing your potential rental income to probably under $4,000), this is not included in this portion of the narration.  On the surface this example seems to make sense, but does it or is it misleading on some key points?  This may be a worthwhile document to include in a formal complaint to PROFECO as backup to show how things were explained to you compared to what you are really experiencing.

Krystal International Waiver

Download a copy of Krystal International's 5 day waiver.  This is a copy of a purchaser's waiver of his 5 day cooling off right granted under Mexico's Federal Consumer Protection Laws.  Article 1 of Mexico's Federal Consumer Protection Laws says your consumer protection rights are non-waiveable, which contradicts this document.  May people claim to have signed such a document but never received a copy.  If your rights are non-waiveable, thus making this document illegal, no wonder you never received a copy.  Krystal made the mistake of sending this copy to a US purchaser's credit card company in response to the purchaser disputing the credit card charges and the credit card company was good enough to send a copy to the purchaser who now had proof an illegal waiver was used.  Was an illegal waiver used on you?


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