Timeshare Travel Review

If you vacationed in Mexico via a timeshare exchange through a company such as RCI, you have a great opportunity to post your feedback there. You need to post a review on RCI about your vacation experience.  Whether you stayed at the resort where you had a problem with the sales presentation or not, you can still post a review.  If you stayed at Resort B and you had a bad experience at Resort A's timeshare presentation, then you should say so.  Even if your comment is posted under Resort B, it will serve to warn other people visiting resort B not to fall victim to Resort A's timeshare presentation. 

Tourist Awareness

The most important weapon you have against these companies is your right to free speech.  You need to get onto the internet websites that post tourist horror stories and report your experience.  Some of these websites include:

 Please email us at if you know of any other websites or bulletin boards where tourist can post messages about bad travel experiences.


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