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Victims of Mayan Palace's aggressive sales tactics band together to force a settlement from Mayan Palace.

Mayan Palace victims fight back and receive substantial refund.

June 2006 -- A group of eight U.S. and Canadian tourists who purchased timeshares at various Mayan Palace resorts banded together through the MESCAM website to fight back against the Mayan Palace resort and won a significant settlement.  The group's approach was to obtain websites that closely matched Mayan Palaces' website of  The group obtained the domain names of and  Using these domain names, the group created websites to warn tourists about the aggressive and often untrue sales tactics employed at the Mayan Palace resort's timeshare presentations. 

The philosophy behind this group's action was that the Mayan Palace resort was first and foremost a business.  If the group could hurt the business's revenues by warning tourists away from the resorts and the resort's timeshare presentation, eventually the business will have to address this revenue loss and negotiate with the group.  This whole effort did not happen overnite.  It took several months to get these websites setup and get the websites listed as the top returned websites for Yahoo and Google.  Once people surfing the internet for "Mayan Palace" started to find the and the websites instead, they started to learn the truth about the timeshare presentations at Mayan Palace and were avoiding the presentations.  Eventually these tactics paid off with losses for Mayan Palace and a settlement for the group.

You can visit both the and the websites and you will find that they both are pro-Mayan Palace.  As part of the settlement the group had to relinquish the domains to Mayan Palace.  The terms of the settlement also include a non-disclosure clause so none of the people involved in the group can even divulge the terms, or even the existence of the settlement.  You are reading this article because MESCAM was involved in the initial setting up of the group and we provided a little help with the creation of the initial draft of their websites.  When the settlement discussions started to become serious, by mutual agreement we separated ourselves from the group to avoid any conflict for our website or the group's members.  By watching the group's two websites, we knew a settlement was reached when the original formats of the websites changed and the websites became pro-Mayan Palace.  I can't tell you the exact terms of the settlement or how much money the group obtained, but based upon the last discussions prior to the settlement talk, my best guess is that the people obtained 80% - 90% of their money back.

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