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New Timeshare Scam at Sunset Group Resorts

Faked contract cancellations add insult to injury for timeshare victims.

Oct. 5, 2005 -- The timeshare companies have come up with a new scam to prevent you from exercising your legal rights to cancel within 5 business days.  This scam is reported mostly in use at the Sunset Group Resorts.  The scam starts when you first figure out that you have the right to cancel within 5 business days.  The resort people will accept your request to cancel with a smile and tell you everything is fine and you will get a complete refund.  The twist is that they make sure that there is no evidence that you actually cancelled.  With the resort being pleasant and understanding, you are disarmed and stop thinking. 

The scam usually consists of having you write out a cancellation letter which you sign, but which they never sign and you NEVER get a copy of.  Once you leave the office thinking the whole nightmare is over, all the evidence of your cancellation disappears.  Since you think everything is over, you never follow-up with an email, fax, or anything that would document and prove you cancelled within 5 days.  You do not even know something is wrong until days or weeks later when the charges continue to appear on your credit card account.  This time when you contarct the resort they deny that you ever cancelled and since you are now outside of the 5 day period and have NO evidence that you did cancel, YOU ARE STUCK WITH THE CONTRACT. 

These people think it is perfectly fine to lie and cheat any non-Mexican.  Expect that everything they say is a lie.  If you cancel within 5 days, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE HARD EVIDENCE / PROOF THAT YOU CANCELLED.  This means getting a signed copy of a cancellation letter with their person's signature on it, and preferably on the resort's letterhead.  Take your video camera and videotape the whole transaction.  For final protection, email the resort a duplicate cancellation letter and copy PROFECO on the email.  Do not rely on faxes either.  You do not have any proof what was sent or if it was actually received.   Do not simple take a resort's word for your cancellation, or this will be the second time they have scammed you and they will be laughing at you, the stupid gringo, over margaritas that evening.

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