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Fighting Back against a timeshare company (TS) will take little effort on your part.  The basic concept centers around the fact that all these timeshare companies are businesses and eventually they will do whatever is in the best interest of their business.

To Fight Back against a timeshare company you will need to hurt them where it really hurts, and that is in their future business.  You will need to come up with a way to cost the TS company future business in order to force them to "do the right thing" and give you a full refund. Your goal should be to cost your timeshare company at least 50 times the value of your contract, or $1,000,000 in future business.  The most successful approach with this method is to fight the TS company in the press, with government pressure, and through an internet website.  If you doubt this is possible, with just this website I have cost the resort which tried to scam me over $1,000,000 in refund to other victims. 

Several people have been successful doing this, including one group who set up the website .  If you check out this website now, you will find it is a pro-Mayan Palace website now.  The group was able to put enough pressure on Mayan Palace to achieve a settlement with refunds of around 90%.  Note, some of these people purchased up to two years previously.  Time does not matter here, what matters is how badly you can hurt the timeshare company and what is it worth to the timeshare company to get you to stop.

With your website up and warning business away from your TS company, an aggressive email campaign targeting US, Canadian, and Mexican Government officials, and emailings to local, regional, and national news outlets; you need to open negotiations with your TS company.  Since you have a domain and IPP, you can set up your own email accounts at  For instance I could have an email account of .  Using an email account tied into your website will help protect you against a scumbag attorney attack and will constantly remind your TS company that they are loosing business every day your website is up.

From here on, the negotiations are up to you.  Do not go stupid at this point and start believing everything your TS company says.  Make sure you have a refund in hand before you stop your efforts or shut down your website.  In fact, as part of your negotiation you should basically sell your TS company your domain name.  Your agreement could say that once you get your refund, you will email them the username and password for your domain or you will transfer ownership of the domain to them. 

Another thing you can consider is teaming up with other victims and fighting your TS company as an organized group.  If you search the user groups and bulletin boards on the internet, you can easily find other victims of your TS company.  This distributes the work and makes the effort easier on everyone.  You need to keep in mind that as your group increases in size, it will be more difficult for the TS company to pay you off.  A group of several people could cost the TS company $100k, but if your group grows to 20 or 40, the payoff could grow to $1,000,000 and a full refund of that amount would probably never happen. 

Since this whole approach addresses your refund as being a business decision; the TS company will look at all their business options which will include: 1. Ignoring you and suffering what customer loses you cost them, 2. pay a scumbag attorney to go after you, or 3. give you a refund.  On your side, you need to 1) make your TS company know you are serious and are going to easily cost them ten times the value of your contract, and 2) protect your identity to avoid scumbag attorneys so that your TS company's only real option is to give you a refund.

The Easy Way.  With all this said, the easiest way out is just the threat of you going through all these steps and hurting a TS companies future business.  Some people have been able to just use the threat of going through this process as enough leverage to negotiate favorably with their TS company.  If you are so inclined, feel free to email your TS company with a link to this webpage and warn them that you are serious about fighting back.  Of course, if you make this threat you will need to be willing to follow through and you will give up your ability to protect your identity.  If the TS company has proof of who owns your website, their is a good chance that they will attempt to sic a scumbag US attorney on you.  If you have a small group, this helps prevent the TS company from being able to figure out exactly who owns the website.  By yourself, you will have to take your chances with this or figure out a way to get the website in someone else's name.  While the likelihood of an actual lawsuit is low as long as you only tell the truth on your website, the surprise of getting that scumbag attorney letter is intimidating.  If the legal response scares you, you need to work hard to protect your identity.


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