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These email addresses may or may not be current.  Some of these people have gotten so much email that they have changed their email addresses.  You need to let these people know (especially the Mexicans) that the continuing of business as usual by the TS companies is going to cost them tourists. - PROFECO  - the ministry of foreign affairs   Mexican Embassy in London   Mexican Embassy in Washington DC   US Consulate in Merida, MX, State of Quintana Roo. Consular Specialist, American Embassy in Mexico (this woman has been a great friend to US tourists in trouble.  Be VERY NICE to her.)     Mexico Tourism Board    Mexican Tourism Board in London Mexican consulate in Tucson  The Mexican consulate in Phoenix  Mexican Consulate in San Antonio, Texas Attention Augustine Rodriguez  The Mexican consulate in San Diego  The legal department at the Consulate in Chicago  The Head of the Department of Protection at the consulate in Chicago   Adriana Gonzalez  Deputy Consul Sacramento, CA    Consulate General at Dallas Texas   Tourism and press at Mexican Consulate Dallas   Outside Communication at Mexican Consulate Dallas    Assistant to the Consulate General at Mexican Consulate Dallas.    Texas attorney General where Mayan Palace has their US operations.



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